Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby, I'd take a nine to five for you.

I can't believe it is already mid November!

A lot has been happening lately, the minutes are melting away.
I now work constantly as the holiday season is heating up.
My nephew Jackson is almost here! 13 more days if my sister makes it that long.
Halloween was a good time as always, I was a fairy.
I helped throw a baby shower for Ashley.
Now I am just bustling through a few commission gigs for the holidays!

This one is for Racheal!
She is a coworker and new friend to Aaron and I out here in Shelby Township, and made a request on a couple paintings. I am repainting "Enlighten Me" on a larger canvas, and this time making a counterpart for him. A red fox! I am very excited and awaiting getting sketches approved before moving on. These two paintings I will have done in time for Thanksgiving.

Another painting I am working on is a family portrait for a client. It is a four person portrait that will be antiqued. This one is going to be more challenging, and I will have to finish a week before Christmas at least. Very busy!

On a more somber note, my sweet, little hometown has hit the news nationwide this week. A family I grew up with has been struck with tragedy and our entire community is shocked, mourning, and praying. I don't really want to feed into the sensationalism of the situation, but I am asking if you are the praying kind to pray for their healing. More and more we are seeing children taking their own lives and the lives of others. It is a rising epidemic in our country. Use this as a teaching moment to enrich your family with a love for humanity.


I am livin' the dream.
At least that's what my retail friends and I refer to as making a means to support your dreams.
With that said I have el zero dinero so everyone gets handmade gifts yay!

This one is for my sister Nicole. Her birthday is thursday. Happy Birthday Nic!
It is of her Great Dane Daisy, who met her untimely end a few weeks ago. RIP Daisy.

Admitedly these are terrible pictures so I will have more to come.
Good Night!


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