Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now every February, you'll be my valentine

Been gone for a while now. Just a little catch up if you don't mind:

} The Holidays were great to us. We hosted our first legit gathering for New Years Eve; children everywhere playing, lots of food and good times.

} I received tickets to the Ann Arbor Folk Festival and it was amazing! All artists were very enjoyable but I was so excited to see Anais Mitchell live, she is such a breathe of fresh air and a free thought to the music/ folk industry.

Most importantly, The Avett Brothers headlined and were like a fix of some kind. I feel like I am only moving through the times 'til the next live show. Unbelievable. Joy.

} { I have been having a lot of "Holden Caulfield" moments these days. A lot revolving around a certain social network, partially due to the big bang and re emergence of the "folk" bands on the Grammy's. I felt like a proud mama when these boys stepped out with Bob Dylan but couldn't help but feel over protective of them. Wanting to not just disregard the critics, but shield off all them phonies who don't see past a snappy tune. I FEEL this music, this band on such a personal level it's unreal. I've walked with them, screamed at their shows, and have
tirelessly played their albums on repeat to the tune of my life since we were living in NC.

When I went into bed that night and laid to see Aaron's eyes barely open, he said something so sweet. I told him no one gets it. And he said to me, " We came for salvation, we came for family, we came for all that's good that's how we'll walk away..remember?" PERFECT.

} Probably the best and most exciting news..

I am going to be MRS. CARY!

} { I will try to be brief but it was the most romantic and sensational night of my life.
It was our 5 year anniversary (see previous post) and I thought we were going to a restaurant on the corner to celebrate. Aaron had a destination programmed in the GPS as *1 so I couldn't tell where we were headed. We ended up in Detroit, at Jacoby's for dinner- which has a big significance to our relationship and is our favorite place to go in the city. Afterwards, I thought we were heading home, but he chooses *2 which took us to a theatre in Dearborn for the new Chronicles of Narnia film (The first was our very first date exactly 5 years ago). Afterwards I thought for SURE we are going home now, but nope, he hits *3 and we were off again. Pulling back into downtown Detroit I thought oh fun we are going to that cute pastry shop we love in Greektown. Aaron pulls next to the Renassaince Center and says " Here we are, I reserved a room weeks ago". I was so shocked. It was unbelievably gorgeous. We were on just about the top floor, as soon as you walked in the room the whole wall was a window looking out on the river all lit like a dream. I was in awe of the lights when he said "Kaylen," I turned around and Aaron was down on one knee. :)

This was a view from our room in the morning. I am smiling now thinking about it.

So here we are today- planning a wedding!

July 23rd 2011
It will be small, intimate, and perfect.
All the details are coming together now effortlessly after a few mishaps here and there. I am ecstatic to be his wife, and am so in love.

Hope you had a great Valentines day and felt love from your friends and family!


Tracy said...

Hey Kaylen, it's Tracy from BBW. I am looking forward to seeing some new art from you and your new site. I do still want that painting if it is still available. Contgrats on your new beginning. I am very happy for you. You deserve the best and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Kaylen Conley said...

Hi Tracy!
It is still yours! I'm glad you found me :)I am living out in Shelby Township now, but next time I come back home I could bring it out? Or if you are ok with it, my mom works in Port Huron and she could pass it along for you. My email is kaylenconleystudio@gmail.com we can work it out :)
Thank you for your kind words, life has been very good to me lately! I hope you and your family are doing wonderful too!